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  • leather shoes, orthopedic, anatomical, footwear, hand made, cork, comfortfusse, corkwole, leather, wool
    ABOUT CORKWOLE; Corkwole is derived from “cork”, “wool” and “leather”. The excellent three gifts of the nature are our main raw materials to provide a better quality of human
    Telephone: +902124857630 Address: İkitelli OSB. Pik Dökümcüler San. Sit. B 3 Blok No:18/1, İstanbul, Turkey
  • clothings, garments, ready wears, knitted fabric products, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweat shirts, leggings, tops, dresses, men t-shirts, woman t-shirts, women t-shirts, man t-shirts, kids t-shirts, sportswears, sports clothings, man sweatshirts, men sweatshirts, woman sweatshirts, women sweatshirts, kids sweatshirts, kids sweat shirts, clothing, garment, ready wear, knitted fabric product, t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweat shirt, legging, top, dress, men t-shirt, woman t-shirt, women t-shirt, man t-shirt, kids t-shirt, sportswear, sports clothing, man sweatshirt, men sweatshirt, woman sweatshirt, women sweatshirt, kids sweatshirt, kids sweat shirt
    Hiko textile Inc. was established in 2001 and is a family business serving the international garment industry. Our company which started to export ready-made clothing from knitted
    Telephone: +90 212 602 05 88 Address: Hürriyet Mah. Yıldırım Beyazıt Cad. No: 41/3, Bağcılar, İstanbul, Turkey
  • shoes, footwear
    Telephone: 90 (342) 2383995 Address: GAZİANTEP, TURKEY
  • shoes, footwear, men shoes, woman shoes, girls shoes, boy shoes
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3230119 Address: GAZİANTEP, TURKEY
  • shoe, shoes, footwear
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3230905 Address: ÇAKMAK MAH.NİZİP CAD.NO:106/B, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • shoe, shoes, shoes accessories, footwear
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3232026 Address: SANAYİ MAH.60279 CADDE NO:3/A, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • shoe, shoes, footwear
  • leather, leather shoes, shoes, footwear
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3232270 Address: ÇAKMAK MAH. ZAFER CAD. NO.36, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • polyurethane slippers, sandals, shoes, slippers, footwear, shoes
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3233777 Address: GAZİANTEP, TURKEY
  • shoe, shoes, footwear
    Telephone: 90 (533) 5172870 Address: GATEM SANAYİ MAH. 60224 NOLU CAD. NO:2-4, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • shoes, footwear, bags
    Telephone: 90 (536) 6303036 Address: SAN. MAH. 60115 NOLU CAD. NO:4 /10, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • slippers, polyurethane slippers, sandals, footwear, shoes
    Telephone: 90 (536) 7619822 Address: TEKSTİLKENT MAH. 47001 NOLU SOKAK 167/1, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • shoe, shoes, footwear
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3239886 Address: GAZİANTEP, TURKEY
  • shoes, shoe buckle, shoes accessories, footwear
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3240014 Address: GAZİANTEP, TURKEY
  • shoe, shoes, footwear
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3241324 Address: ÇAKMAK MAH.NİZİP CAD.NO:96/3, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • polyurethane slippers, slippers, sandals, footwear, shoes
    Telephone: 90 (539) 9279084 Address: BOZOKLAR MAH. 1. SANAYİ CAD. NO:97/1, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • slippers, shoes, footwear
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3243310 Address: ÇAKMAK MH. 14005 SK. NO:5/D, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • polyurethane slippers, slippers, shoes, footwear
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3244588 Address: ÇAKMAK MAH. ZAFER CAD. NO:18/A, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • slippers, shoes, footwear
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3246055 Address: GAZİANTEP, TURKEY
  • slippers, sandals, footwear, shoes, man slippers, woman slippers, girl slippers, boy slippers
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3246161 Address: ÇAKMAK MAH. SAKİN SK. NO:5, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • slippers, sandals, footwear, shoes
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3246566 Address: GAZİANTEP, TURKEY
  • slippers, sandals, footwear, shoes
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3248411 Address: ÇAKMAK MAH. OTO İŞLETME SOK NO:5, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • slippers, shoes, footwear
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3252335 Address: ÇAKMAK MH. ZAFER CD. NO:21, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • slippers, shoes, footwear, woman sport shoes, woman slipper, woman sandals, kids sport shoes, kids slippers, kids sandals, woman winter shoes, kids winter shoes
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3256868 Address: ÇAKMAK MAH.4 NOLU SOK. NO:8, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • Men Shoes, Man Shoe, Leather Men Shoe, Footwear, Shoes, Shoe, Men Shoe, Man Shoes, Adana, Turkey, Leather, Leather Man Shoe, Leather Men Shoes, Leather Man Shoes, Boots, Sneakers, Mens Shoes, Leather Shoe, Leather Shoes, Belt, Leather Wear, Manufacturing, Exporter, Sports Shoes, Shoe Materials, Man Summer Shoes, Man Winter Shoes, Comfort Shoes, Classical Men Shoes, Classical Shoes, Genuine Leather Shoes, Shoe Products
    Our Company as Unveren Shoes has been established in 1981 by our father Sami Unveren.We have the daily capacity for producing 1000 Pairs of real leather men shoes with our
    Telephone: 3223518540 Address: Sariyakup Mh 23040 Sk No 31/A Seyhan
  • socks, hosiery, underwear, tights, pantyhose, legging, apparel, garment, textile, men socks, women socks, kids socks, women tights, kids tights, socks wholesaler, wholesale socks, wholesale tights, cotton socks, modal socks, wool socks, cotton tights, cheap socks, cheap tights, socks manufacturer, socks producer, socks manufacturer in Turkey, socks producer in Turkey, stocking, women stocking, kids stocking, termolite socks, trekking socks, running socks, sport socks, combed cotton socks, regenered cotton socks, Baby boom socks, Baby socket socks, Knee high socks, Booty socks, Female knee socks, Fishnet tight, Hunting socks, Classic socks, Lambwool socks, Lingeries, No show socks, Sneaker socks, Thermo socks, Knitwears, footwear, Bamboo socks, Ladies socks, Long sock, Low cut socks, Summer socks, Winter socks, Man lingeries, Athletic socks, Discount socks, Massage sock, Socks distributor, Socks store, Sublime tight, Unique socks, Bootie, Combed cotton sock, Trainer socks, Diabetic socks, Compact socks, Cashmere socks, Merserized socks, Modal socks, printed socks, Over knee socks, Terry socks, Stripe socks, Viscose socks, Panties, Invisible socks, Jacquard socks, Transparent socks
    burse socks & stocking is one of the fast growing socks manufacturing companies in İstanbul/ Turkey which has been founded in 2002 with a concept of manufacturing quality socks
    Telephone: +905350232360 Address: Maltepe mah. Gümüşsuyu cad. no : 61 d: 99. Topkapı/ zeytinburnu / İstanbul
  • shoe, shoes, footwear, footwears
    Telephone: (532) 432 22 66 Address: ÇAKMAK MAH. NİZİP CAD. NO:150/A
  • clothes, clothing, apparels, wear, ladies clothes, woman clothes, women’s clothes, women’s clothing, man clothes, men’s clothes, men’s clothing, casual wear, shoes, footwear, t-shirts, shirts
    We are providing many kinds of textile
    Telephone: 05326742228 Address: Saray Mah. Küçüksu Cad. Antasya Residence No:64 K:2 D:12 Ümraniye
  • shoes, footwear, men shoes, women shoes, snekars, slippers
    We are the consultant company has 15 years experiences on footwear busniess. Directly working more than 300 factories located in Turkey. We are making collection for 5
    Telephone: 00905309768305 Address: Guzeltepe Mahallesi 15 Temmzu sehitler caddesi A/1-68
  • shoe sole, footwear
    We produce and export footwear materials, especially shoe soles with high quality and best
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